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Amjed Mahmoud Muhammad Al-Ghanim


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  • Friday, September 1, 1995
  • Unnatural pattern recognition on control charts using correlation analysis techniques
  • Published at:Computers & Industrial Engineering, Volume 29, Issues 1-4, September 1995, Pages 43-47
  • This paper presents analysis and development of a pattern recognition system for identifying unnatural patterns on quality control charts. The system is based on correlation analysis, where a set of optimal matched filters are generated. To illustrate the design methodology and operation of the system, a set of commonly encountered patterns is utilized, such as the trend, the systematic, and the cyclic patterns. A training algorithm that minimizes the probabilities of Type I and Type II errors is presented. To evaluate the system performance, a testing algorithm as well as a set of newly-defined performance measures are introduced. The obtained results have shown the effectiveness of correlation analysis for control chart pattern recognition.

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