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  • Monday, January 1, 1996
  • Effect of chemical additives on the stability of kerosene-water dispersions
  • Published at:Journal of dispersion science and technology, 1996, vol. 17, no6, pp. 675-696
  • Interfacial tension data was obtained for kerosene and water in the presence of a demulsifier (DE5010) and a corrosion inhibitor (CP1260) used in offshore production. Mixtures of these additives exhibited synergistic effects resulting in a decrease in interfacial tension greater than that observed in the presence of single additives. The effect of the additives on the stability of kerosene in water emulsions was also determined. It was found that when present alone the demulsifier significantly destabilized the mixture but in the presence of the corrosion inhibitor it's effectiveness was markedly decreased. Drop size distribution data was obtained on-line for the same systems in a pilot plant flow loop. This data was compared with the relative stahility of the dispersion determined from laboratory measurements.

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