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  • Thursday, October 8, 2015
  • The Role of Educational Counseling in Reducing Conduct Disorders Among Students of Primary Stage in Nablus Governorate
  • Published at:American Journal of Applied Psychology(AJAP)
  • Abstract


    This study aimed at investigating the role of educational counseling in reducing conduct disorders among students of primary stage in Nablus directorate. To achieve this aim the researchers used a forty-item questionnaire which was distributed among (1727) students  represented (10) schools selected randomly by using cluster random sample from grade four to grade six in the government schools in Nablus governorate.


    In collecting the necessary data for answering the questions of the study, the researchers used means, standard deviations, percentages and degrees for all items and total score of conduct disorders questionnaire items. Additionally, MANCOVA Test was used to find out the differences in conduct disorders due to study variables-Counseling services, Gender, Place and Achievement.


    Results of this study showed that the level of conduct disorders among the study sample was moderate. Significant differences were shown on the study variables as follows:- between schools with counseling services and schools without, in favor of schools with. Between males and females in favor of males. Between city, villages and camps in favor of camps. Between students of different averages in favor of low achievers (50-60).



    In the light of these findings, the researchers recommended overspreading counseling to all schools. Improving counseling training is another important recommendation for the Ministry of Education.

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