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  • Monday, March 22, 2010
  • The Impact of using Chat on the Students\' Achievement in Nablus Schools from the Teachers\' Perspectives
  • Published at:An-Najah Univ. J. of Res. (Humanities), Vol. 24(4), 2010
  • This study aimed at identifying the impact of the use of chatting on the students\' achievement as seen by the English language teachers in Nablus schools and finding out whether there were statistically significant differences attributable to the variables of gender, experience, academic level, and computer skills.


    The subjects of the  study were 60 male and female teachers of English from Nablus schools, where the researchers used  a questionnaire of 30 items and distributed it among the subject of the study. The researchers used various statistical analyses such as the standard deviation , percentages T test  and One-Way analysis of variance  to analyze the results of the study.

    The results of the study showed that the impact of chat on students\' achievement was very high, in some items  and it was  high in other items  whereas it was  very low in only two items.

    The results also showed that  there was a statistically significant difference in favor of those who had computer skills

    In the light of the results of the study, the researchers recommended  increasing the students\' awareness of the benefits and risks of using this service, integrating the different technological services in the school technology textbooks in addition to the urgent need to conduct a study on the use of chat as perceived by students.



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