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  • Tuesday, March 24, 2009
  • Design of Gating and Risering Systems in Sand Casting
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  • The success of a sand casting process depends mainly on the design of efficient mold rigging systems; namely the gating and Risering systems. However, it is observed that the mold preparation, in most of local foundries in Palestine, depends totally on the experience of the foundry man who does not pay much attention to the engineering mold-design procedure. In fact, almost all of the foundry men in local market have gained their experiences by trial and error which usually leads to higher production cost and less production quality. This paper is a review paper. It reviews, in a simplified and comprehensive way, the most important practical and scientific rules and procedures related to Gating and Risering systems design. Detailed examples are also given to explain the implementation of these rules and procedures. One main objective of the paper is to contribute to the improvement of local-foundry efficiency. Therefore, the paper is available in Arabic for researchers, engineers, and other interested people. On the other hand, the paper presents a useful summery of a list of the most important references related to the design of Gating and Risering systems in sand casting. Furthermore, the material of the paper can support in developing modern Computer Aided Mold Design Systems.

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