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Ghaleb Mohammad Adwan
Doctorate in Microbiology (Molecular Virology)
May 11, 1964
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Palestine; Nablus, An-Najah N. University, Dept of Biology and Biotechnology
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Research Area:
a. Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases including bacterial and viruses
b. Epidemiology of viral infection
c. Epidemiology of drug resistance in the bacterium and identification genes and proteins that are involved in the epidemicity and pathogenicity of bacteria.
d. Efficacy of novel antimicrobial compounds extracted from medicinal plants
e. Bioinformatics
f. Parasitology
Attended Conferences:
1. Anna Papa, G. Adwan, et al., 1997. Detection of HIV subtypes in Greece. The Greek conference of AIDS (9th).
2. A. Papa, N. Malisiovas, E. apadimitriou, G. Adwan et al., 1998. Genetic mutations in coreceptor CCR5 among Greeks. The National conference of Microbiology (18th).
3. St. Alexiou, A. Tea, G. Adwan et al., 1998. Legionella diagnosis by Detection free antigens in urine samples. The National conference of Microbiology (18th).
4. Adwan, G. et al., 1999. Characterestics of GGC sequences of V3 loop of HIV-1 genom in injecting drug users in Greece.The Greek conference of AIDS (11th).
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Ghaleb Mohammad Adwan
Microbiology (Molecular Virology)
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Please do not email me if you do not know me
Please do not e-mail me if you do not know me