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  • Thursday, November 10, 2011
  • Inhibitory Effect of Varthemia iphionoides Extract on the Contractility of Isolated Rabbit Ileum
  • Published at:Journal of Pharmacy Research 2011,4(12),4367-4368 by Yousef Salameh, Monther Abdel Fattah, Awni Abu-Hijleh, Ghaleb Adwan, Naser Jarrar and Kamel Adwan.
  • Varthemia iphionoides is indigenous to Palestine, where it is traditionally being used for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. The aim of this paper was to
    provide pharmacological validation to this medicinal use. Water and ethanol extracts of Varthemia iphionoides were studied on isolated rabbit ileum for spasmolytic
    action. These extracts showed a reduction of the amplitude and the tone of spontaneous contraction in a concentration-dependent manner. Apart from that, water
    extract of Varthemia iphionoides drastically diminished the increase of the contraction of the ileum caused by acetylcholine (ACh) concentration of 5.5X10-6M.
    This indicates that Varthemia iphionoides extract probably acts at least through muscarinic receptors blockade

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