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  • Thursday, November 24, 2011
  • Assessment of antifungal activity of herbal and conventional toothpastes against clinical isolates of Candida albicans
  • Published at:Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine (2012)

    Objective: To detect the anticandidal activity of nine toothpastes containing sodium fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate and herbal extracts as an active ingredients  against 45 oral and non oral Candida albicans isolates.

    Methods: The antifungal activity of these toothpaste formulations was determined using  a standard agar well diffusion method. Statistical analysis was performed using a statistical package, SPSS windows version 15, by applying mean values using one-way ANOVA with post-hoc least square differences (LSD) method. A P value of <0.05 was considered significant.

    Results: All toothpastes studied in our experiments were effective in inhibiting the growth of all C. albicans isolates. The highest anticandidal  activity was obtained from toothpaste that containing both herbal extracts and sodium fluoride as an active ingredients, while the lowest activity was obtained from toothpaste containing sodium monofluorophosphate as an active ingredient. Antifungal activity of Parodontax toothpaste showed a significant difference (P<0.001) against C. albicans isolates compared to that toothpastes containing  sodium fluoride or herbal products.


    In the present study, it has been demonstrated that toothpaste containing both herbal extracts and sodium fluoride as an active ingredients is more effective in control of C. albicans, while toothpaste that containing monofluorophosphate as an active ingredient is less effective against C. albicans. Some herbal toothpaste formulations studied in our experiments, appear to be equally effective as the fluoride dental formulations and it can be used as an alternative to conventional formulations for individuals with an interest in naturally-based products. Our results may provide invaluable information for dental professionals.


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