An-Najah Blogs :: Kamal Zeidan An-Najah Blogs :: Kamal Zeidan en-us Mon, 09 Dec 2019 11:21:12 IST Mon, 09 Dec 2019 11:21:12 IST sculpture works Postsأعمال ذات صبغة نحتية خزفيةRhythms, Doves, and Other Things (Final Project) Posts Rhythms Doves and Other Things Art is the child of its surroundings is an old saying but yet so present Our life style daily experiences and the culture around us form the way we think and express ourselves Our way of expression includes the spiritual side of our lives which relates to the intangible way of our thinking and beliefs Our materialistic side relates to tangibles such as places buildings and everything that falls into the horizon of our sight As a Palestinian the topic of my project comes from my own life experiences Naturally they are happy as well as sad moments along with the memories of my childhood Palestine the holy land is the cradle of all religions and the birth of all of my artistic creations Jerusalem as the heart of Palestine represents peace love and happiness to all through the beauty of its architectural designs decorations and folklore This is contrary to what appears to the outside world All of this beauty and peace has been scarred by horror and torment The awful smell of blood and death in its streets and alleyways is a striking contrast to the beautiful display of previous civilizations and their magnificent ruins The basis of my project is built on the idea of how I see Palestine through my eyes and how differently it appears to the outside world The project is divided into two sections The first section is a large wall piece displaying the beauty of Jerusalem combined with traditional Palestinian symbols Jerusalem will be represented by the Dome of The Rock fading away to the naked eyes and the wall of Jerusalem expanding while including some of these symbols The symbols that will be used are things such as the old key a symbol of hope for the refugees returning to their homes; the horse a symbol of strength and revolt against torment and torture; the rooster a symbol of freedom calling the sun to bring about a new dawn; the dove and the olive branch which are universal in their call for peace worldwide In keeping with the Palestinian folklore some of the decorations from traditional clothes will be used The second part of this project displays a group of skulls and bones hanging in front of the wall piece It represents the outside world watching the pain and misery that continues to grow while the stench of death and blood becomes stronger day by day The world shows no mercy keeps quiet refuses to help and does not assist in bringing peace to the land of peace The first decorative section will cover a larger area to convey that hope in all of its beauty will overcome despair and all of its disgust For the entire project I will use the relief method and low fire clay along with under-glaze colors This project is an indirect invitation for the world to remember this place on Earth It deserves to be seen with beautiful and peaceful eyes With those glances and looks it can return to being the land of peace forever فـــــدوى Postsقصيدة شعرية للشاعرة الراحلة فدوى طوقانCeramic Vases Postsبعض الأشغال الخزفية الدائريةRelief Postsأعمال منفذة بتقنية الحفر البارزPaintings Postsلوحات مائية انتجت خلال الفترة من 2005 - 2007