An-Najah Blogs :: My profile An-Najah Blogs :: My profile en-us Sat, 23 Jun 2018 03:21:52 IDT Sat, 23 Jun 2018 03:21:52 IDT The Problems Involved in Translating Arabic Cognitive Synonyms into English. ArticlesDr Ekrema Mohammad Shhab Deptof English Language and Literature An-Najah National University Nablus-PA Abstract This paper shows that cognitive synonyms feature a serious problem in Arabic-English translation The study explores the translation of a number of cognitive synonymous lexical items in their original context of use These synonyms were taken from Mahfouzs two famous novels: Al-Liss wal-Kilab and Ziqaq Al-Midaq Some other examples were also drawn from the Holy Quran Thirty MA students of Translation at An-Najah National University were the subjects of this study They were requested to render these synonyms in their original contexts The study explains that the translation of cognitive synonyms has been frequently done formally functionally or ideationally depending on two significant factors: the text-type in which they are used and the purpose of using them in a particular context The study however argues that in religious and literary texts where synonyms are usually used to convey certain implicated meanings and where we seek to have the same effect on the Target Language TL receiver as that of the original on the Source Language SL receiver the use of formal equivalence is ruled out and hence only functional andor ideational equivalence should be called for The Translatability of Terms of Address in Najib Mahfouz's Ziqaq Al-Midaq into English Articles Dr Ekrema Mohammad Shhab Deptof English Language and Literature An-Najah National University Nablus-PA Abstract This paper investigates the problem of terms of address social honorifics in Arabic-English translation In order to highlight the problem under discussion the study uses five honorifics identified by the researcher as comprising difficulties to translators from Mahfouzs 1947 famous novel Ziqaq-Al-MidaqTwenty MA students of translation at An-Najah National University served as the subjects in this study They were asked to translate these address terms in the light of their original contexts The study also looks into Trevor Le Gassicks renditions of these terms in his 1975 translation of Mahfouzs novel The study argues that relational terms of address are harder to translate than absolute ones due to the fact that relational honorifics have drifted extensively from their traditional usages and acquired new significations which are initiated for social purposes